Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nevada Early Voting UPDATE

Nevada's premier political reporter & analyst, Jon Ralston, has an update on Nevada early voting in The Las Vegas Sun. Here's what he's saying today.

[... M]ore than 15,000 Democrats voted the first day, then about 12,000 the second and 13,000 the third. More important, for Beers and the GOP, everything is relative 5,700 Republicans voted Saturday, a little more than 5,000 on Sunday and about 6,000 on Monday. If that pathetic pace continues though it seems unlikely by the end of the 14-day early voting period, Republicans will be far enough behind to make Nov. 4 an afterthought.

The state Palin visited Tuesday has been overtaken by a Democratic registration tsunami that has put the GOP more than 100,000 voters behind statewide. And now, after three days of early voting, it appears Democrats have converted their registration machine into a turnout juggernaut, holding a 59 percent to 25 percent lead in Clark County in the early vote 56 percent to 29 percent, if mail ballots are counted.

That is nothing short of devastating if it holds up: no GOP Election Day machine, no voter suppression techniques, no wailing about ACORNs and Ayers can change that.

This is great news for us! The more Democrats vote and vote early, the less likely it is for Rethuglicans to steal the election for McBush-Failin'. That's why we must continue to drive Democrats to the polls NOW and why we must fight the GOP's efforts to supress the vote.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO HELP OBAMA WIN NEVADA!! See how you can help get out the vote! We're already winning The Silver State, so all we need to do now is seal the deal and make the victory as large as possible so that Dina Titus & Jill Derby are elected to Congress and so Democrats win both houses of the Legislature!

Oh yes, and please don't forget to donate while we can still make a difference! We can win Nevada and win here BIG! YES, WE CAN! :-)


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