Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First trackers of the day

We're gonna have bright, bright, bright sun shiny days!

Rasmussen reports this morning:

Obama 51
McCain 45

The numbers yesterday and the day before were, 50-46, that is, Obama's number improved by one and McCain's declined by one.

Rasmussen observes:
The stability of Obama’s advantage in recent weeks suggests that it will be difficult for McCain to change the dynamic before the results are finally set in stone.
Research 2000/Daily Kos reports this morning:

Obama 51
McCain 41

The number over the last couple of day were 50-42.

DemFromCT comments:
On successive individual days in the R2K poll (different than the topline, which is a combined three day sample), Obama was up +8 Sun, +9 Mon and +12 Tues.
Zogby sees McCain's number remaining stable but Obama's rising by two points from his position yesterday:

Obama 52
McCain 42

Yesterday, the numbers were 50-42. Zogby sees Obama's strength coming from his dominance among Democrat and independents while he holds his own among Republicans:
Obama leads McCain by 15 points among independent voters (50% to 35%), and is also winning 12% of the Republican vote, all the while retaining a firm grip on his Democratic base, winning 87% support from members of his own party.
Zogby also has some other interesting trends that indicate our reason for hope is based in reality:
Time is running short for McCain. These numbers, if they hold, are blowout numbers. They fit the 1980 model with Reagan's victory over Carter . . . . If Obama wins like this we can be talking not only victory but realignment.
Diageo Hotline reports their numbers this morning:

Obama 47
McCain 42

The numbers yesterday were 47-41. Today's numbers put the spread back to where they were two days ago, suggesting the ongoing stability of Obama's lead.

I think we are beginning to see that Colin Powell's endorsement went a long way to reassuring Americans that Barack Obama is worthy of our trust.


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