Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NBC-WSJ Poll: Obama Surges!

McSurge? McGone! The new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll is out, and my, oh my, we have changes! Unfortunately for McCain, they do NOT favor him!

Obama (D) 52%
McCain (R) 42%

Fortunately for us, everything seems to be moving in Barack Obama's direction according to NBC-WSJ. His & Biden's favorables are up. McCain's & Palin's favorables keep falling. Obama voters are voting for Obama while McCain voters are voting against Obama. Obama now holds advantages on nearly all the issues and is making up ground in formerly weak areas like "tough on terrorism".

Remember that the last NBC-WSJ poll from 10/06 had Obama +6. So to go from +6 to +10 in two weeks with only two weeks to go until the election means we're solidifying a strong lead. We're almost there... Keep it up! :-D


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