Thursday, October 23, 2008

McBush Pulling the Plug on Nevada to Dress Up Failin'?

Not yet... But they have cut back on their Nevada campaign. What shocks me the most is that they have yet to pay for & execute the live paid calls (you know, the "OSAMA OBAMA PALS AROUND WITH TERRORISTS!" bullshit) in Las Vegas that they ordered some two months ago.

So apparently, they can't afford to make the ugly attack calls in Vegas... But they can afford to buy $150,000 worth of ugly AND expensive clothes for Sarah Failin' at Saks, Neiman, Macy's, & Bloomingdales??!! Wow, talk about "fiscal conservatism" being thrown out the window!

But hey, if they'd rather play "Extreme Makeover" with Failin' than win Nevada, I'm happy with this. I'm sure Barack Obama awfully appreciates those extra 5 electoral votes. ;-)


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