Monday, October 20, 2008

CA-46: Live from the Battleground!


OK, so I see that our friend Todd at MyDD covered it. I know some some Andrew Davey person also talked about it. Still, I need to talk with you about it. I need to talk with you about a very competitive, very close race that we can win.

Is it in Ohio? Florida? Virginia? Colorado? Nope. I'm talking about California's 46th Congressional District!

Debbie Cook is running a very competitive campaign against the 20 year Republican incumbent, Dana Rohrabacher. Dana never felt like he was in danger before, so he never really felt the need to the job that voters here hired him to do. He has never brought home the resources that local communities need to stay safe and healthy because he doesn't believe in effective government. Dana doesn't believe in representing his own constituents because they care about taking on the climate crisis, ending the Iraq Occupation, fixing the economy, and protecting women's reproductive rights... While he'd rather worry about asteroid attacks and RFK Assassination conspiracy theories. I'm not even kidding, and that's why Dana is so crazy, so silly, and so scary!

Now contrast "Crazy Dana" with Debbie Cook. Unlike Dana, Debbie has a real record of real results. She stood up against corruption and waste in the Huntington Beach City Council. Without her, we wouldn't have a protected coastline and coastal wetlands stretching all the way from the Bolsa Chica Wetlands to the mouth of the Santa Ana River. Because Debbie Cook actually cares about the well-being of the community enough to fight for more effective government, the people of Surf City USA are better for it.

The choice couldn't be clearer. That's why we're seeing attitudes changing and votes changing, even in places like Costa Mesa.

Over the weekend, I walked two distinct neighborhoods in Costa Mesa, a kind of "bellwether" city in the Orange County part of the district. On Saturday, I walked the more working class and Latino heavy west side that has been hit hard by both the economic crisis and by the Republican controlled city council's attempts to kick out the working poor so big developers can profit off "gentrification". The voters here were quite receptive to Debbie Cook's message of real change to help real working people. And because Crazy Dana has a horrible record of scapegoating everything on immigrants, many people here will be glad to see him gone!

On Sunday, however, I switched to a neighborhood in the more upscale and lily white east side of Costa Mesa. Over here, the glamorous Newport Harbour is within sight and the McMansions here sometimes make me wonder if I really have crossed the Newport Beach city limits. Honestly, I was a little concerned about finding any Democrats here. But to my surprise, I found them! And better yet, I also found Republicans and Independents who were ready to cross over!

Believe it or not, Costa Mesa and other Orange County towns in the 46th District are not as Republican as the Republucan Party wants us to believe. Democrats have won here before. And yes, Democrats can win here again!

All we need are the resources to do it. Will you please help? We only have two weeks left. And with your help, I know we can win! So will you please help this Orange County local dump Crazy Dana and elect a Congressperson we can all be proud of?









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