Sunday, October 19, 2008

Donate to the Whack Job Authentique Retirement Fund


Michele Bachmann, Whack Job Authentique, needs financial assistance to retire. Fortunately, we Democrats are doing a good job at putting together a nice kitty to send her away in grand style. Minnesota Public Radio reports:
An official with Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign says the 6th District DFLer raised $620 thousand since GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann made her comments on Friday.
This time last evening, it was $488,000, so we're all doing a yeoman's service.

As a sign of your desire to have the Whack Job Authentique go to her well-deserved retirement:

1. Sign the petition asking Congress to censure Michele Bachmann.

2. Donate to Whack Job's Democratic opponent, El Tinklenberg, to defeat her and replace her as the congressman from Minnesota's sixth District come the November Election.


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