Friday, October 10, 2008

Andrew Sullivan calls George Bush a sadist

Andrew Sullivan on his blog has a poignant piece about how the government's behavior toward persons the President has named, "enemy combatants," quite literally has driven them mad. Sullivan concludes:
This isn't about intelligence. It isn't about national security. It's sadism. Treating human beings this way is simply evil.
I recall the long and drawn out process that Sullivan undertook in 2000 to decide to vote for George Bush when all along, we knew that was where Sullivan was headed and would land; he did not disappoint us: he voted for Bush. There were those among us who recognized that Bush was a crippled soul unfit for the presidency, and we warned our fellow Americans that this was the case. They derided us as deluded, but they now know what then we knew, that Bush was not equal to the presidency.

My fellow prisoners, be assured that we are sounding the warning again. John McCain must not become president.


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