Monday, October 6, 2008

Today's States of the Race

With many thanks to TPM Election Central for the fresh new numbers!

Suffolk University of Virginia:
Obama (D) 51%
McCain (R) 39%

Survey USA:

Obama (D) 53%
McCain (R) 43%

New Hampshire-
Obama (D) 53%
McCain (R) 40%

The bad news: Where?

The good news: Obama is now building strong leads in two states that looked like pure toss-ups only days ago! If Obama can take these two states and 17 electoral votes off the table for McCain, then it's realm game over for Election 2008! Obama now looks to have at least 270 EVs either solidly behind him or leaning his way. If he stays this strong he wins!

Conclusion: I hope Barack Obama will knock our socks off at the debate tomorrow night! If he can put away swing states like New Hampshire and Virginia now, then we'll be in awesome shape for November 4! :-)


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