Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OK, John & Sarah, Have It Your Way!

So McBush & Failin' don't want to talk about economic solutions? They'd rather talk about "ties to terrorists"? OK, then... Why is Sarah Palin tied to a party that has willingly accepted help from IRAN??!!

Yes, that's right... Iran! The very same Iran that McBush wants to "bomb, bomb, bomb" is the Iran that sponsored the founder of the Alaska Independence Party to go to the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 to denounce the US. Hmmm, Alaska Independence Party... Isn't that the same party Todd Palin has been a long-time member of and the same party that Sarah Palin "welcomed" JUST THIS YEAR??!!

So if McBush & Failin' want to talk about "terrorist ties", why don't they start out with THEIR OWN?


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