Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CNN Numbers In...

Here are the hot, HOT, HOT!!! new CNN Flash Poll numbers post-debate:

Who won the debate?
Obama 54%
McCain 30%

Who can better on Iraq?
Obama 51%
McCain 47%

Who can better handle terrorism?
McCain 51%
Obama 46%

Who can better handle the economy?
Obama 59%
McCain 37%

Who can better handle the financial crisis?
Obama 57%
McCain 36%

What's your opinion of John McCain?
Favorable 51%
Unfavorable 46%
(no change from the first debate)

What's your opinion of Barack Obama?
Favorable 64%
Unfavorable 34%
(Obama is +4 on favorable and -4 on unfavorable!)

My take: Obama clearly won tonight, and CNN's insta-poll confirms that! Obama was again a calm & reassuring voice on the financial crisis while McCain still seemed erratic & off-balance. Also, McCain doesn't do a good job of hiding his disdain for Obama. Do voters really want another President who turns friends into enemies?

McCain needed a game-changer in his favor. And frankly speaking, he didn't get it tonight. If anything, tonight's debate may very well seal the deal for Obama.

Great! :-)


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