Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Saturday Trackers

Diageo Hotline is out, and the news is good with this poll beginning to catch up with other polls:

Obama 50
McCain 40
Undecided 7

Obviously, that a 10 point race; the margin between the two candidates seven points when the poll measured Obama at 49 and McCain at 41.

For all statistical intents and purposes, Gallup Daily also sees the race exactly the same way:

Obama 51
McCain 42

That's a nine point race, slightly tighter (but not meaningfully) than it was yesterday when it was 51-41.

The four trackers with the longest history in the field in this race all see Obama at 50 or above (52-52-51-50) and McCain at 44 or below (44-42-40-40), suggesting that Obama likely leads by somewhere between six and 12 points.


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