Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poll: Obama Up in West Virginia

A new ARG poll is out, and the news is terrific for everyone who reads this blog. It's the first time a poll has shown Barack Obama leading John McCain in the Mountain State:

Obama 50
McCain 42

If this poll is correct, it's one sign of how deeply McCain in tanking across the United States. According to the poll, McCain leads Republicans by 79% to 10%, but Obama's lead comes from his strength among Democrats (76-20) and Independents (50-38).

Men in West Virginia now are almost as likely to support Obama as they are to support McCain (McCain 49, Obama 46), and Obama shows real strength among women in Virginia (Obama 54, McCain 36). Obama leads among voters above and below 50.

The poll was taken October 4-8, 2008. It included 600 likely voters and had a margin of error: ± 4 percentage points.


Matt C said...

I noticed this poll out of West Virginia yesterday and called Senator Obama's West Virginia campaign director, Tom Vogel, for comment. You can see the details of our conversation:

McCain campaign officials have not returned my calls.

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