Thursday, October 9, 2008

Larry Sabato Makes His Projection

And guess what? He now has Obama over 270 EVs WITHOUT toss-up states being allocated! Sabato has moved Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina from Lean Republican to Toss-up while also moving Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania from Toss-up to Lean Democratic... And Michigan from Toss-up to Likely Democratic!

Also, Georgia & West Virginia were shifted from Solid Republican to Likely Republican while Indiana was moved from Likely Republican to Lean Republican. And finally, New Mexico was moved from Lean Democratic to Likely Democratic while Iowa was moved from Lean Democratic to Solid Democratic.

OK, so what does this all mean? This means the electoral map is firming up for Barack Obama! If the map holds up on November 4, Obama wins. Even if all the Toss-up States go to McCain, Obama still wins. But more likely, Obama will pick off some of the Toss-up States & expand his lead.

So what can we do between now and election day? Work it! Let's keep working our @*ses off and MAKE VICTORY HAPPEN! :-)


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