Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Past vs. The Future

That's how Taylor Marsh viewed last night's debate, and that's how I saw it as well. John McCain couldn't help himself. He had to dwell in the past. He went on about his war experience, his Senate life, and his old ideas to solve new problems. McCain just seems like a 20th Century candidate running in a 21st Century world.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was able to discuss today's foreign policy challenges in places like Pakistan and Iran. He was able to offer a forward thinking energy policy that actually solves our long term problems. He stated well the need for an up-to-date regulatory system that deals with today's financial sector. Basically, Obama offered a coherent vision of the future.

That's the difference in this election. Barack Obama is thinking about the future while John McCain is stuck in the past. Obama's policy proposals move us forward to a better 2020 while McCain's campaign is trying to relive battles from 2000. One candidate is planning ahead while the other always seems to be looking back.

This leaves us with a clear choice. Do we want a President that will take us to a better future? Or one who will keep us stuck in the past?


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