Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Makes His Move in Florida

Many thanks to MyDD diarist RandyMI for finding this! Still, I disagree with his assessment of this move to The Sunshine State. Obama is now sending top campaign officials to finish the job in Florida & direct more resources to winning here. Some may call this "crazy", but I think it's brilliant.

Why? Let's see. Florida is second only to Nevada in forecloures. Florida is suffering from job losses due to the weak real estate market and sluggish tourism. At this point, I think Florida is in that second tier of "Red States" (along with Nevada & Colorado) almost as likely as Iowa, New Mexico, and Virginia to turn blue this fall.

So why shouldn't Obama double down in Florida? If he wins Florida, he wins the election hands down! Oh yes, and we have a number of competitive Congressional races in The Sunshine State... So why not also maximize coattails in electing as many Democrats as possible? This is a win-win situation that can really solidify our chance of taking back The White House AND increasing our Congressional majority! :-)


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