Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McBush Mortgage Plan: Bail Out the Lenders!

Major props to BTD at TalkLeft for catching this! Last night, some corporate media noticed John McCain's new plan to deal with the mortgage mess... And equated it to Hillary Clinton's plan to help struggling homeowners stay in their homes. Score one for "The Maverick" on helping working families... Right?

WRONG! Actually, McCain's plan is nothing like Hillary Clinton's! You see, Hillary's plan is for the federal government to buy bad loans at market value, letting the lenders take the hit, and helping the struggling homeowners keep their homes on the new and more affordable credit terms. McCain, on the other hand, simply wants to pass another "Bailout Bill" giving $100 billion of our tax dollars to the very mortgage lenders that made the bad loans in the first place! Now how is the McBush Big Lender Bailout like Hillary's plan to actually send the help to the homeowners who need it? It isn't!

Cheese louise, is McCain just asking for defeat now?! When we the people are sick and tired of being robbed so the oligarchs can continue living their lavish lifestyles and continue making bad investments that we then have to bail them out on AGAIN, McCain is proposing that we do even MORE of the same? He really has become McBush now. I wonder when he'll start referring to himself as "The Decider".

BTD said it best today...

"No way, no how, no more corporate giveaways McCain."

Damn right!


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