Monday, October 6, 2008

John McCain Wants to Cut Health Care for Seniors!

Don't believe me? See for yourself! In order to pay for his horribly flawed health care scheme that would have us the working-class people pay more to get less coverage, John McCain wants to cut Medicare!

Now how the hell is that "fiscally responsible"??!!

My dad is on Medicare. He was injured on the job, and he's now disabled. He relies on Medicare to see his doctors and obtain his prescription drugs. Why does John McCain want to hurt my dad so I'll have an even shittier "health" scare plan than I do now??!!

John McCain obviously doesn't have to worry about his health care. His Congressional plan is the best in the nation. But what about us working people? Why doesn't he give damn about us?

Well, John McCain can kiss the "senior vote" and the "health care vote" goodbye!


Imani said...

Look at Cindy, she inherited over $100M and one of her half-sisters received $10K or $100K a nominal amount, I don't think the other received anything. Ten Houses signed a pre-nup, which probably excludes his 3 adopted children from his disfigured first wife.???

It goes to character,or lack of that Cindy didn't give her paternal and maternal half sisters at least $5M and $1M respectively. Absolutely shameless that she didn't share.

So you question about Ten Houses? Heaven forbid that the rich should pay their fair share.

And Palin wanted rape victims to pay for their own rape kits?? She can't name any magazines or newspapers that she reads.. This would be hysterical had this not been a presidential campaign.

No Hillary supporter could even entertain supporting her. EVER!

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