Monday, October 6, 2008

Remember the Keating Five?

You should. We all should. Why?

John McCain seems to have a history of hanging out with the wrong crowd. Think about it. His chief economic adviser, Phil "Don't Have a Mental Recession About My Deregulation Screwing You Over, You Nation of Whiners!" Gramm. His campaign manager, Rick "The Corporate Lobbyist" Davis. In fact, his entire campaign run by corporate lobbyists! And how can we forget his running mate, Sarah Palin, and her cynically hypocritical "clean state house" in Alaska full of corruption and secrecy?

So really, we need to ask the question. Has McCain learned the lessons from The Keating Five? Well, has he?

Our economy is in peril. We need a President who will be ready & able to do what's necessary to make our economy work for working people again. We can't afford another President who puts the wants of his corporate buddies above the needs of working families.

So why should we take a serious risk with John McCain?


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