Thursday, October 9, 2008

McBush Tries to Hide Behind Hillary... AGAIN!

Yesterday, we debunked the myth that John McCain "has endorsed Hillary Clinton's mortgage plan". But today, we have yet another instance of McCain using Hillary for cover. This time, it's about Bill Ayers.

McCain now says he's bringing up Ayers to get answers to the questions that Hillary supposedly said "should come up". However, he refuses to state the fact that Hillary only mentioned Ayers & Weather Underground ONCE... During a primary debate, when she only said that the issue MAY come up again during the general election. That's all.

In fact, Hillary Clinton spokesperson Kathleen Strand had this to say:
As Hillary Clinton has criss-crossed the country for Barack Obama, she has said to anyone who will listen that we can't trust John McCain and the Republicans to fix this economy and turn our country around. Funny, John McCain isn't using those words.
How very true! If the best McBush can do to explain why his campaign is resorting to such disgusting attacks is to try to drag Hillary into the mud, then they're goners. Stick a fork in him, McBush is toast. ;-)


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