Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And now, Gallup...

Gallup Daily is in, and they have some pleasant news to cheer us up.

All Registered Voters:
Obama 52%
McCain 41%

"Traditional" Likely Voter Model:
Obama 51%
McCain 44^

"Expanded" Likely Voter Model:
Obama 52%
McCain 42%

Because we at C4O have concluded that Gallup's "expanded" likely voter model is the most likely of Gallup's voter turnout scenarios, we include that model in our tracking poll average. And so far, the six poll (Zogby, Research 2000, Rasmussen, Diageo-Hotline, GWU Battleground, and Gallup Daily's expanded likely voter model) mean average has Obama gaining a little ground with a +6.17% lead. Other than GWU's obvious Obama +1 outlier, all the others have Obama either holding steady or gaining ground.

And yes, I will update this into an eight poll average later today when IBD-TIPP and ABC-WaPo provide their numbers for today. ;-)


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