Monday, October 20, 2008

Game Over?

First off, let's all send our best wishes and prayers to the Obama family right now. I hope Madelyn Dunham will live to see a successful Barack Obama Administration.

And on that note, back to the show. CNN is reporting a new round of McCain campaign pullouts. So where is McCain giving up? Here are the states that his advisers now admit are going Obama.

- Iowa
- New Mexico
- Colorado

Now they're still trying to sell spin that McCain's still competitive in Pennsylvania, but even the worst Keystone State polls (for us) show Obama +8. All other polls here show Obama +10-15. So barring some bizarre unforeseen event, Barack Obama is favored to win Pennsylvania.

And now with Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado added to Obama's column... Guess how much that equals in electoral votes? 21. And when added to the 252 electoral votes of all the Gore-Kerry states that either lean towards Obama or are VERY safe for Obama, guess how much we have now? 273, just more than enough to win!

So in essence, the McCain campaign looks to be in the beginning stages of conceding the election. But does this mean we call this a victory and call it a day? HELL, NO!!!!

The Rethuglicans are now trying to preserve as many House, Senate, Gubernatorial, and State Legislature seats as possible. What me MUST do now are:

1. Make Obama's margin of victory as wide as possible! Let's make this win so BIG that the GOP simply can't steal it from us.

2. Work as hard as possible to win as many House & Senate seats as we can! The more Democrats we have in Congress, the better chance we get a progressive agenda moving forward under an Obama Administration.

3. Win the statewide & local races! Let's also get progressive agendas moving forward at the state level.

Now is NOT the time to give up! Now is NOT the time to become complacent. Volunteer, donate, and VOTE! Keep up the good work, and then we'll win and WIN BIG! :-)


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