Monday, October 20, 2008

Nevada Voting Early... And Turning Blue?

Early voting has begun in Nevada. I should know. I've been calling Nevada voters & asking them to vote early since Thursday. (Don't worry, I'll update you on that later today.)

But even though early voting has just begun, is it already game over for McBush & Failin'? The Silver State's premier political reporter, Jon Ralston, is now starting to think so. Here's what The Las Vegas Sun's columnist has to say about the state of the race in Nevada today.

But more and more, the state is looking as if it leans toward Barack Obama, no matter what the overmatched McCain folks do here. There are 100,000-plus more registered Democrats than Republicans in Nevada now. That should be an insurmountable barrier. If its not, and McCain wins Nevada, the Democrats will have to go into hiding.

Oh yes, and check out the early early voting returns!

Of the 25,000-plus who voted early, 15,644 were Democrats and 5,721 were Republicans, according to Clark County Election Department records. If that trend holds, this wont be a wave; it'll be a tsunami. Republicans had a lead on the first day of mail ballot tallying -- 5,407 to 4,947. So overall, its 20,591 to 11,128 [in the Democrats' favor].

Yes! We're almost there! Keep up the good work, and we'll turn this & more formerly "Red States" blue! :-D


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